Sunday, March 14, 2010

Cards for Mothers

This card below is for my mums birthday next week. I generally try to be safe and simple when I make cards but this time I wanted to make something a little more special for her. I used the card on page 21 of the IBC for inspiration. I have never crated anything like this before but I really enjoyed the processes that got me from the initial idea to the finished product.

As I enjoyed the above project so much I decided to use similar techniques to create a Mothers day card for my mother in law. In an effort to challenge myself further I started with a colour (Cameo Coral) that was not one of my favorites but still one I knew my mother in law would like. I surprised myself as I stamped because it didn't take me long to be won over by this card and its colour.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Simone!

    I'm just catching up on a few of the team blogs and I just LOVE the top card in this post. Actually I love them both, but the first one had me gazing open mouthed!

    The texture on the cardstock in the background is just perfect!

    S x